About our cover

This section gives a brief overview of our Cycleguard cover. It outlines the Product Features, along with information about certain aspects of our cover like Public Liability, security requirements and our roadside recover policy, Cycleguard Rescue.

Product features

Cycleguard insurance offers different levels of cover to suit the widest variety of cyclists. Our flexible cover allows you to choose the options that match your needs - for example, if you don't need racing or competition cover... why pay for it?

Cycleguard insurance is suitable for:

  • Cyclists that use their bicycle for leisure activities
  • Cyclists that commute to work
  • Cyclists that race or are involved in other competitive cycle sports
  • Mountain and off road riders
  • Electric bike riders
  • Road Riders
  • And many more. We aim to cover every type of cyclist.

Cycleguard provides:

  • Cover against theft and accidental damage up to £12,500, higher limits are available upon referral
  • Replacement on a new for old basis for bicycles up to 3 years old (older cycles are subject to depreciation)
  • Agreed Value Cover for modified bikes, depreciation is not deducted from any claims settlements (Available via the call centre only)
  • Bicycle hire - until items are replaced or repaired (subject to an approved claim)
  • Choice of area covered:
    • UK only
    • EU for 90 days (45 day maximum trip)
    • Worldwide for 90 days (45 day maximum trip)

Optional extensions:

  • Roadcare - Public liability and personal accident cover
  • Cycleguard Rescue - Bicycle roadside recovery option
  • Family members option
  • Active Cover - Racing or competition use
  • Cycling Accessories Pack - cover for theft and accidental damage to cycle accessories

What is not covered

We are committed to providing you with clarity on the cover you are looking to purchase and aim to tell you the key exclusions of this policy before you buy.

Exclusions relating to theft of your bicycle when stored in its usual storage location:
  • Theft at home or the insured location if the bike is left outside.
  • Theft at home or the insured location unless there is forcible and violent entry
  • Theft in a communal bike store, communal hallway or privately accessed garden unless the bike is locked to an immovable object with an approved lock
Exclusions relating to theft of your bicycle when you go out on it:
  • Theft if the bike is left without being locked to an immovable object
  • Theft when the lock you have used is not an approved lock
  • Theft of your bike if it is left unattended anywhere for any more than 18 hours
Exclusions relating to Accidental Damage of your bicycle:
  • Any cosmetic damage which does not impair the function or performance of the bike
  • Whilst in transit by any carrier unless it is securely packaged
  • Accidental damage when loaned or hired out to any other person
  • Any mechanical or electrical failure
  • Faulty or defective design
  • When using the bike for racing or competition unless you have purchased active cover
  • Using the bike for hire and reward
  • £25 excess on each and every claim
  • For bikes stored in wooden or metal sheds, communal hallways, privately accessed gardens or communal outbuildings, an excess of the first £100 or 20% whichever is the greater will be applied. Unless the bike is valued at £500 or below where a £50 excess only will be applied.
  • Public liability claims are subject to a £500 excess for third party property damage only.

If your bike is less than 3 years old you will receive a new replacement for your bike. Thereafter your bike will be subject to an adjustment for depreciation (unless otherwise stated in an endorsment) due to wear and tear which means the settlement will be reduced dependent upon the age of the bike up to a maximum of 50% when the bike is over 10 years old.

Depreciation will not apply to any fixed accessories that are under three years old where evidence of ownership can be provided at the time of the claim.

Why buy Cycleguard?

There are many reasons to trust Cycleguard - We have flexible cover options with the option to create the cover you want. We also cover more than £10 million of bicycles for over 18,000 cyclists. Our simple to use site makes it easy.

Flexible cover options - you create the cover you want

We cover more than £10 million of bicycles for thousands of cyclists. Tailor your cover to suit your individual cycle insurance needs.

If you change your mind

If you decide that for any reason, this policy does not meet your insurance needs then please confirm in writing to us within 14 days of issue. On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending we will then refund your premium in full.

Thereafter you may cancel the insurance cover at any time and you will receive a pro-rata refund providing no claims have been made or are pending.

Simple and safe to use

We've created the Cycleguard website to take all of the guesswork out of buying bicycle insurance. Our instant quote system guides you through the buying process - from a basic quote, to adding in the options that you need and then on to completing your online application.

The site is also totally secure and monitored daily by HackSafe to ensure our site conforms to strict standards.

Our claims performance

You need to know that in the event of a claim, that your claim will be handled quickly and without any undue hassle.

Payment options

The cheapest way to pay is to make a single annual payment in advance. The easiest way to pay is by spreading the cost over 12 monthly instalments.

Pay by Card or Direct Debit

This is a one-off payment in advance, which will be taken by card or debit card through our secure server when you have completed your application.

Paying by instalments

This enables you to spread the annual cost and pay monthly by Direct Debit. This facility is provided by a simple finance agreement with Thistle Insurance Services Limited.

The single annual premium cost is increased to include interest and divided by 12 to calculate the monthly payments.

Important note:
If you apply online you will be offered the choice to select the instalment option and complete the Direct Debit mandate - and you will then have instant cover. Your Direct Debit confirmation agreement will be sent separately by post. The first payment will be taken from your account 10 days (or the nearest working day) after the commencement of your policy.
Applying by phone:
To apply by phone, call us on 0333 004 3444.

Security requirements

With all insurance policies there are terms and conditions that must be followed. If these conditions are not met, it is possible that any claim you make may be rejected. The links on this page provide a very brief outline of our security terms and conditions for full details of these please see Policy Wording.

Requirements for where you keep your bicycle

  • If stored in a house or flat, the bicycle must be kept inside and any security devices made operational
  • If stored in a private garage or private shed, all external doors must utilise a 5 lever mortice deadlock or 5 lever padlock or the bicycle must be secured using one of our approved locks, through the frame, to an immovable object
  • If stored in a communal hallway, privately accessed garden or communal outbuilding the bicycle must be secured using one of our approved locks through the frame, to an immovable object.

Requirements for where you keep your Additional Components

  • If stored in a house or flat, the Additional Components must be kept inside and any security devices made operational
  • If stored in a private garage or private shed, all external doors must utilise a 5 lever mortice deadlock or 5 lever padlock
  • Cover is not provided for Additional Components in an Insured Location as described in communal hallway, communal outbuilding and privately accessed gardens.

If you leave your bicycle unattended away from the insured location it must:

  • Be secured using one of our approved locks, through the frame, to an immovable object
  • Not be left unattended for more than 18 hours.

Requirements when the bicycle is in or on a vehicle

Bicycles will only be covered when:
  • All doors and windows are left closed and locked
  • Theft occurred by forcible and violent entry
  • bicycle is secured through the frame using an approved lock, to the roof or bike rack or if the vehicle is suitable, stored out of sight
  • All security devices installed in the vehicle are in operation
  • The vehicle used is completely road legal
  • All windows and locks are capable of totally securing the vehicle.

If a bicycle is left in or on a vehicle between 9pm and 6am

In addition to the requirements above:
  • The vehicle must be fitted with a Thatcham category 1 alarm/immobiliser or
  • Category 2 immobiliser or
  • Category 3 steering lock.
If the immobiliser is not factory fitted, it must have been installed by an approved installer, and evidence of such must be provided in the event of a claim.

When outside of the UK

When it is impossible to comply with the Thatcham requirements above, evidence of a factory fitted alarm or immobiliser and evidence of its existence must be provided.

The information displayed is for guidance only and no contract or contract term is implied - only the policy wording can be taken as a binding contract.

Approved locklist

Please view the lock list to understand the type of lock your cycle will require.

Roadcare - Public liability and personal accident

What is public liability?

Public liability is also known as third party liability and protects you against third party claims for injury or damage to property. For example, If you were to accidentally ride into someone or something and cause injury or damage, that person could look to claim compensation from you.

Cycleguard offer a choice of £1, £2 and £5 million public liability cover.

If you only require liability insurance when using your bike, then click to get a quote from Cycleguard Roadcare.

What is personal accident cover?

If you were to personally suffer injury whilst using your bicycle Cycleguard provides cover up to £10,000 for death and permanent total disablement or £5,000 for loss of limb or eye. This is included as standard if you choose to take the public liability option with your Cycleguard bicycle insurance.

Cycleguard Rescue - Bicycle roadside recovery

What is bicycle roadside recovery?

Cycleguard Rescue is an emergency roadside recovery service for cyclists. It is brought to you by Cycleguard with the recovery service provided by Call Assist, one of the UK's biggest rescue specialists.

How does it work?

If you became unable to complete a journey in the UK due to a cycling accident, vandalism or irreparable breakdown of your bike, Call Assist will take you and your bicycle to a bicycle repair shop, railway station, car rental agency or your home or alternative overnight accommodation if either are nearer.

It's worth noting that any roadside breakdown must have occurred at least a quarter of a mile away from your home to be eligible to use your Cycleguard Rescue cover.

Does it cover multiple bicycles?

Unfortunately the policy will only cover one specified bike. If you have more than one bike, you'll need separate cover for each one.

What is not covered?

  • If you are outside of the UK
  • If the damage, accident or breakdown occurred whilst using your bicycle for racing, time trials or other competitive cycle sport
  • If you are within a quarter of a mile of your home.

I was delighted with the service and help I got today from Cycleguard. I needed to make a claim and was talked through the process. Tom was a pleasure to talk to and extremely helpful.

Victoria Smith - Coventry 2015

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