Multi-Bike Policy

Protecting UK cyclists for over 20 years

Our Multi-Bike policy

You can collect quite a number of bikes over time, with most being stored in the garden shed or garage. However, home insurance may not cover you for your specific requirements as a keen cyclist. Please check your current levels of home insurance to ensure you're covered. Luckily, our Multi-Bike policy can! All bikes need to be specified on the policy.

Why do I need cycle insurance?

It's a question that we often get: "But why do I need cycle insurance?" We can appreciate that the mixed messaging from insurance companies makes it unclear on what you are and are not covered on. What is more common is that any damage or theft outside the home is not covered at all.

By taking out insurance with us today, you can cover up to 10 bikes that belong to you or members of your family that live with you. The more bikes you insure with us, the more you'll end up saving.

Why choose cycleGuard?

We have over 20 years' of experience dealing with all manner of cycling accidents, thefts and providing customers with replacement parts and bikes as part of our service. Our cover has been designed for cyclists of all disciplines and abilities. Whether you're a road racer or someone who enjoys a leisurely roll down a country lane, we know how important it is that your bike is protected. So, have a look at the features of our insurance here and get a quote from us today.

Lock requirements based on the value of your bike

We understand that to get the most out of your bike, you will need to leave it in a number of public places. All you need to do is make sure it is locked to a static object using an approved lock. With our cover you can leave your bike locked in a secure location for up to 18 hours. Click here for our handy guide on what sort of locks to use for your bike.

How to lock your bike

We've created a simple graphic to show you the best way to lock and secure your bike - click here to take a look!