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Specialist bike insurance from cycleGuard

Insurance for bikes, eBikes and cycling accessories

At cycleGuard, we’ve been protecting cyclists and triathletes across the UK for over 20 years against theft and damage to all types of bike including mountain, folding, electric and road as well as cycling accessories inside the home, away from the home and much more. We’ll even include our Multi-bike Discount when you add multiple bikes to your policy. 

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What’s covered with cycleGuard?

The benefits of cycle insurance from cycleGuard

Whichever type of bicycle you ride, we can help provide the cover you need. Our bike insurance includes cover for theft and accidental damage, as well as vandalism, fire and flood damage as standard whether inside the home or away from your home, as well as:

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  • Cover in the UK and 30 days EU travel
  • Multi-bike Discount
  • Up to £2,500 cycling accessories cover
  • 24/7 Cycle Rescue recovery
  • New for Old Cover

Which Types of Bikes Do we Insure?

Insurance designed to meet the varied needs of cyclists

specialist insurance for bicycles and accessories

What does a cycleGuard policy cover?

We all try to keep our bikes in the best possible shape, but what happens when you suffer a prang on your way to work or your bike is stolen while its locked away? Our bicycle insurance protects cyclists with a range of different covers as standard. So, why not take these policy benefits out for a spin?

Want to cover your cycling equipment?

It’s easy to cover your cycling accessories with us. We can cover up to £2,500 of your cycling equipment. Includes light sets, clothing, shoes and more. Mobiles and smartphones excluded.

If the worst happens, why should you lose out?

Our cover includes no bike-value depreciation when you use our approved claims service. Market value is available for any cycle clothing.

Have you broken down while out on your bike?

Our 24/7 recovery team are always on hand to get you and your bike back to safety. In the event of an irreparable puncture or breakdown, we can get either you or a family member to a safe location. You must be at least a quarter of a mile from your insured location.

Is your bike out of action?

If you need a bike after a claim, then we can provide up to £500 for you to hire a replacement.

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The optional benefits of cycle insurance from cycleGuard

Want to extend your cover?

What happens if you're involved in an incident?

With our optional Public Liability cover, we can provide up to £5million to protect against cycling-related claims made against you. Cover not extended to North America. 

30 days of EU travel cover not enough?

Why not extend your cover to 365 days worldwide? Our optional Global Travel cover includes up to £300 in damages to a bike box in transit. Maximum 60 days per trip.

Suffered an injury while out on your bike?

We can provide cover for injuries caused by cycling accidents or road-rage incidents. Our Personal Injury option can provide up to £25,000 to cover dental treatment, broken bones and physiotherapy. All incidents to have occurred whilst cycling.

Got a triathlon or sportive coming up?

We can be there to support you. Our optional Race and Compete option can provide cover for up to £750 in race entry fees, £500 for associated travel and accommodation costs, as well as up to £200 for clothing items lost in a transition area. Pre-existing illness or injury cannot be covered.

Insurance for bikes from cycleguard

Insurance for leisure, commuter and sports cycling

It doesn’t matter how often you ride, or which kind of bike you own, you could be protected by cycleGuard.

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Cover to protect you on the way to work

Whether your daily commute consists of country lanes or busy roads, make sure your bike is insured for the journey and while you’re at work.

Sometimes you just need to take it easy

Racing around isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to take things at your own pace, then we can make sure that you’re covered.

Cover designed to get the best out of the racer in you

Gear up for any upcoming races with our bike insurance. If you’re the competitive type, then we can keep you covered.

Specialist triathlon insurance

As a triathlete you’ll want a specialist insurance policy. Our cover provides protection for you and your triathlon gear while you’re put through your paces.

Protect your bike away from home

Whether you ride to your lectures or work, then we can help protect your bike against theft and accidental damage away from home or your halls of residence.

Commuter Cycling Insurance

Great protection for commuter cyclists

If you’ve hit a pothole or taken that corner just a little too hard

We’re here to get you riding again. Our bike insurance includes accidental damage, as well as damage caused by attempted theft and vandalism as standard. Excludes wear and tear.

The more bikes you insure, the more you save

If you’ve got a shed full of bikes, including family members who live with you, then you can include them all on one policy to receive our Multi-bike Discount. Up to 10 bikes can be specified per policy.

Sometimes accidents do happen

Which is why we offer extended cover for injuries caused by cycling accidents or road-rage incidents. Our Personal Injury option can provide up to £25,000 to cover dental treatment, broken bones and physiotherapy. All incidents to have occurred whilst cycling.

Triathlon bike Insurance

Specialist insurance for triathletes

Triathlon equipment doesn’t come cheap

That’s why we can cover up to £2,500 of your triathlon accessories. Include your wetsuits, your triathlon shoes and more against theft, accidental damage and vandalism. Mobiles and smartphones excluded.

Protect your bike while it’s in your car

If you’re travelling to and from your races, then our insurance includes cover for theft of your bike and cycling equipment when left unattended in your car. Storage and vehicle security requirements apply.

Get extra protection for your upcoming triathlon

Our Race and Compete extension can cover you whilst competing in amateur triathlon or duathlon events. With cover that extends to transition areas for your bike and kit and also includes up to £750 race fee cover and up to £500 in associated accommodation costs. Our cover also includes triathlon clothing lost in transition. Pre-existing illness or injury cannot be covered.

Making a claim with cycleGuard

We’ve made making a claim so easy

If you've suffered damage to or theft of your bike, we know how distressing it can be. That's why we'll do everything possible to deal with your claim promptly and get you back out cycling again. Our easy-to-use claims process is listed below with some helpful information regarding what to do if you need to make a claim.

1. Call the police

If you’ve been the victim of theft or malicious damage to your bike, your first port of call should be to inform the police.

2. Contact our claims team

Contact our in-house UK team to make your claim. You can call us on:
0333 004 1999 to get started, or alternatively, you can email us with details of your claim at: claims@guardcover.co.uk

3. Make your claim

We'll provide you with your claim reference and talk you through the next steps. Should we need any further information to help process your claim, we can explain what's needed and support you.

cycleGuard customers say this...

We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service to every cyclist that we help protect. You don't have to take our word for it though, check out some of our independent reviews to see what our customers have to say! If you'd like to leave your opinion, good or bad we encourage you to submit a review too.

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