Accessory ideas for cyclists

Wondering what to get the cyclist in your life? Find the best cycling presents right here!

Cycling is a great sport. It's inclusive and fun for all ages and abilities, from nursery-school age children to professional racers, whether endurance or speed. If you know someone who has a passion for cycling, why not celebrate their love of the sport with a cycling-themed gift this year? There are plenty of products to choose from!

Personalised tool-kit

Bikes constantly need minor maintenance. Bicycle chains need oiling occasionally, as do other moving parts, screws and nuts should be tightened periodically and the tyre pressure should be checked frequently. Give your favourite cyclist a personalised tool kit of bike-specific equipment so that they can keep their bike in great condition and remember you fondly whenever they’re fixing a puncture!

A cycling lamp

Cyclists need lights for two reasons, to be seen by other road users and to see where they are going. This is why some bike lights are relatively weak and can be operated in flashing sequences – these draw the attention of vehicle drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians, but they are not ideal for seeing one’s way down an unlit cycle path. Few cycle paths benefit from lighting in the same way that roads do, so if your cyclist often uses these before dawn and after dark, they might need a powerful lighting system.

See-me lights tend to be small and lightweight, usually operated by AA batteries or similar. See-by lights can also use AA batteries, but usually require a lot more than the see-me lights. More often these days, they run on powerful batteries that are charged via USB connectors, either directly into the mains or through a computer. Both of these types of lights can be fitted to the bike itself and put onto the cyclist’s helmet if he or she uses one. Even more powerful are the lighting systems which are wired into the bike, being powered by the cyclists themselves. Often the battery is charged as the bike is used without the light being on, and then topped off even as the cyclist uses the light to see by.

Bike helmet

While it is not the law in many places that a helmet should be worn when cycling, it is recommended that anyone who cycles at great speeds or who rides into road traffic with cars and heavy-goods vehicles, should use one to prevent or minimise the risk of serious head injury or even death. Persuade your loved one to cycle safely by investing in a brand new modern helmet that will keep their head cool and their hair in good condition even as it protects them from harm. You can have cycle helmets personalised, or simply choose one in their favourite colour, whichever you prefer or can afford.

Action cameras

These sturdy cameras record steady and clear footage and make it easy for cyclists to record the glimpses of wildlife that comes along with the pastime. Because cycling is relatively quiet and much faster than walking pace, it is quite easy to come across small wonderful moments in nature – moments that can be disbelieved unless you have proof in the form of a video clip! Action cameras can also come in handy in case cyclists ever get into an accident while on the road. Footage that can prove a cyclist has had right of way may help combat careless drivers.

A mudguard

Some cyclists love them; some hate them. But if the cyclist in your life is more worried about keeping their clothes clean, then this could be a great practical present!

Cycling on muddy roads without a mudguard fitted can result in a clammy and unsightly streak of mud on one’s bottom and back, not ideal for work, school or shopping. A detachable, fold-able mudguard that clips on underneath the seat catches the mud flung up, preventing it from ruining clothing. They are very easy to fit and often do not even require the use of tools to get into place and snugly seated.

Fitness trackers

Most people who cycle do it for fun and for their health. Help them to keep track of their calories burned or miles covered with a Fitbit or a Strava which will note their speed, energy burn and a host of other details that will be fascinating to the cyclist, and even help them to plan their next steps.



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