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Key features

We can cover all types of folding bikes, from the classic Brompton to other popular brands like Hummingbird, Tern and Montague. Our folding bike insurance is ideal for commuters. We know how important it is to get you back in the saddle immediately in the event of a theft or accident. Folding bikes can be expensive and if your usual route to work is congested with other road users, then you may be at risk of an accident. That’s why a good bike insurance policy can be so important – and that’s where we can help. Whether your bicycle is just for getting from A to B, or an important part of your daily exercise regime – we’ve got you covered.

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Accidental Damage

Hit that corner too hard or come face to face with a pothole? We’re here to get you riding again. Excludes wear and tear.

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Multi-Bike Discount

The more bikes you insure with us, the more you save! Include all the bikes in your shed, including family members who live with you, to receive our multi-bike discount. Maximum 10 bikes to be specified per policy. 


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In-Vehicle Cover

Protect yourself against theft and in-vehicle theft of your bike. Our cover includes simplified lock requirements - which you can find here. In-vehicle security requirements apply.

Cycle Rescue

Our 24/7 recovery team are always on hand to get you and your bike back to a safe location in the event of an irreparable puncture or ‘breakdown’ of your bike. You must be at least quarter of a mile from your insured location.

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New for Old Cover

No bike-value depreciation when you use our approved claims service, which are all handled in-house. Our personal service means no outsourcing to third parties. Market value is available for any cycle clothing.

Family Cover

We can cover yours and your family’s bikes - along with your accessories - on one straightforward policy which will automatically include your multi-bike discount. Bikes will need to be specified on your policy.

Our optional extras

Before you head off to work, you might want to stop by and take a look at our optional extras. We've designed extended policies in order to safeguard you when you hit the road. Our Personal Injury protection provides up to £25,000 in treatment and medical costs should you suffer an accident while out and about. Additionally, we can even offer up to £5million to cover you against third-party injury or damage claims if you're involved in a crash with another road user or you bump into someone's property. So, to get even more from your cover, take a look at our optional extras and get a quote from us today.

Global Travel

30 days of EU travel cover not enough? Extend your cover to 365 days worldwide. Includes up to £300 bike box transit-damage cover. Maximum 60 days per trip.


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personal injury

Personal Injury

Suffered an injury because of a cycling accident or road-rage incident? We can provide up to £25,000 cover for dental treatment, broken bones and physiotherapy. All incidents to have occurred whilst cycling.


£5m Public Liability

Up to £5million in Public Liability cover for cycling related claims made against you. Cover not extended to North America.

Race and Compete

Whether it’s a trial or sportive, triathlon or track meet, we can be right there with you. We can cover up to £750 in race fees, £500 for travel and accommodation cover and £200 cover for clothes lost in a transition area. Pre-existing illness or injury cannot be covered.

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