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I have previously made a claim. Will this affect my cover?

You need to tell us about any cycle related losses or claims you have had within the last three years, whether insured or not. It is important that you make an honest disclosure of any previous claims or losses, as this could invalidate your cover.

Is there an excess on this policy?

Yes, the excess amount will depend on the type and value of the claim. 
Claim amount under £1,500, excess of £50
Claim amount £1,500 to £2,999, excess of £100
Claim amount £3,000 to £4,999, excess of £150
Claim amount £5,000 plus, excess of £200
Plus, for Public Liability claims, the first £500 of each claim arising from damage to third party property.


What is Public Liability cover?

Public Liability is known by a couple of different names – personal liability or Third Party Liability. It provides cover against damage to persons or property caused by your proven negligence. CycleGuard will pay up to £5million to indemnify you or a member of your family against legal liability for accidental bodily injury or death to any person or accidental damage to third party property which arises from use of your bicycle. Cover available for those aged 16 or above.

Do you only cover UK residents?

Yes. You must be a resident and permanently domiciled in the United Kingdom.

I am a professional cyclist, am I able to take out a cycleGuard insurance policy?

If you earn your living from professional cycling, then we are unable to offer insurance cover under this policy.

What is the minimum/maximum age to get cover?

The minimum age for the main policyholder is 18. Public Liability and Personal Accident cover (if you have chosen to include this on your policy) will only apply to anyone aged 16 or over at the time of any incident, and total permanent disablement cover is only available for anyone aged 65 or under. 

What value should I insure my bicycle for?

The value should be the current, new undiscounted cost including VAT from a reputable dealer at the time you apply. End of season offers, and bargains do NOT count as the usual price.

What is the maximum value you insure?

We are able to offer a quotation up to a maximum value of £20,000 for individual or multiple bicycles. You can insure up to 10 bicycles on one policy providing the total value does not exceed the £20,000 limit. If you have a bicycle or bicycles over that value, we may be able to offer you a quotation, please call us for your individual quote.

Do you cover more than one bike on a policy?

Yes, we can cover yours and your family’s bikes on one policy, which will automatically include your multi-bike discount, with a maximum combined value of £20,000. For bicycles over this amount please contact us.

I don't have receipts for all my bike parts and accessories. What can I do to prove ownership?

It's particularly important that you have proof of ownership of any major cycle parts and lock. Proof of this could be packaging, manuals or photo of all the relevant parts, clearly showing the make (and model if applicable) of that item. In addition, bank or credit card statements can be provided and, on some occasions, retailers may be able to provide duplicate receipts for larger purchases.

I constructed my bike myself - can I still be covered?

When insuring custom built bikes, we ask that you insure them for the full retail cost as new to replace with the same or similar frame and components as you currently have. Unfortunately, you cannot include the time it would take to build up your bike again. In the event of a claim you do need to provide us with proof of ownership for your bike and lock, so if your bike does consist of various components we would require receipts, packaging, instruction manuals, or photographs for your bike and the components attached, to be able to replace the bike with the same or similar.

I have previously had a criminal conviction. Will this affect my cover?

You must disclose any criminal convictions which have not been spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. If you are in any doubt as to whether this applies to you, you should call us to discuss your individual circumstances. 

How does the 'Cycle Rescue' option work?

You will receive a contact number for "Call Assist" the recovery breakdown providers. We would recommend that you store this number on your mobile phone or in an accessible place when you are out cycling. Call Assist have over 1500 recovery agents and will despatch the nearest one to recover you and your bike. They will then travel to your location and transport you to the nearest one of the following:


• A suitable cycle repair shop

• An appropriate railway station

• A car rental agency

• The nearest overnight accommodation

• Your home

Am I covered if I lend, loan or hire my bicycle to another person?

Your bicycle will be covered for use by other members of your family. A family member means parents, spouse, partner, siblings or children / step children, but only when living at the same insured location (where your insured bike(s) is usually kept, which should also be your main place of residence). Our Race and Compete cover option will also extend cover to riders at the same cycling or triathlon club.

Do you cover motorcycles or scooters?

No, we only cover bicycles. Our definition of a bicycle is any cycle powered by human pedalling or human pedalling with the assistance of a battery; and which is not subject to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act. This includes any attached replacement parts.

Can I add or make changes to the policy at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your policy by simply logging in to your online account or by calling us. You can add or delete insured items and change some aspects of your policy. Note that additions will incur additional costs. Additional premiums are charged on a pro rata basis from the date of change. Any cover options that you choose can only be added or removed when you first buy the policy or at renewal.


I have a racing bike with several sets of racing wheels which I also need to insure. Should I include the cost of them in my bike value?

You can include additional components on your policy, such as wheel sets, and you will need to consider these items when selecting your bike value to ensure that you are adequately covered when they are fitted to your bike. Please call us to discuss.

Is my bicycle only covered at the address I've given – is my bicycle covered whilst locked at work?

Providing you follow the security and lock requirements (you can find these here) your bicycle is covered whether at home, work or out on a ride. It's very important that wherever you leave your bicycle, that it is securely locked through the frame, to an immovable object with an approved lock and not left unattended for more than 24 hours (for new policies incepted after 23rd September 2019*).

*For policies incepted before 23rd September 2019, bikes cannot be left unattended for more than 18 hours.

What are your Approved Locks?

It is a condition of your insurance that you use an approved lock appropriate with the value of your bicycle. Our approved locklist (see here) details our requirements. Our approved lock list has been created to make sure that the best level of defence is being provided against cycle theft. For your bike to be covered and for any claims to be successful you must make sure that the lock that you are using is in-line with our approved lock list and the security requirements.

I live in an apartment/flat and have access to a private communal cycle storage area, can I be covered?

Yes, we can cover a bike stored in a “Communal Cycle Storage Area”. This is defined as: a fully enclosed residential cycle parking specific compound that is securely locked (only accessible through a lockable entrance which can only be opened by key or access code) and specifically dedicated to your Insured Location.

I have accessories on my bike that are non-removable e.g. mud guards and pedals....

If my bike was stolen, would I need to have already informed you of these additions or can I just claim the insured value that I have increased to include the accessories? You need to include the value of your bicycle and any fixed accessories or replacement parts when taking out the policy. If you buy accessories later and add them to your bicycle, you can update the value of your bicycle online or by phoning the call centre.

Does your policy cover bicycles stored outside overnight?

When the bike is within the direct boundaries of your Insured Location (where your insured bike(s) is usually kept, which should also be your main place of residence), and if it is not being stored in a fully enclosed and locked building or cycle storage unit, your bike needs to be locked to an immovable object through the frame of the bike, with an approved lock.


If the bike is stored in a communal hallway it will only be covered if the hallway is on the same floor as your Insured Location and, again, your bike needs to be locked to an immovable object, through the frame of the bike, with an approved lock. The same lock requirements apply if your bike is stored in a “Communal Cycle Storage Area” (see definition below). When you are away from the home, such as at a campsite, you would be able to lock the bike to an immovable object with an approved lock, through the frame of the bike and leave it unattended for up to 24 hours.

Do I need any specific security on my vehicle or where I keep my bicycle?

Yes – the requirements are quite specific in terms of types of locks and security devices. For more details, see our policy wording or website for our lock requirements.

Does your policy cover my bike while it's on a plane?

Provided your bike is suitably packed in a bike bag or box and you have a receipt from the airline that your bicycle was checked onto the aircraft, then your bicycle would be covered against accidental damage. Extend your cover to include our Global Travel option and your bike box will be covered for up to £300 for accidental damage.

Am I covered to take my bicycle abroad?

Yes, your policy will cover you for 30 days in the EU with the option to extend to annual worldwide cover (maximum 60 days per trip). Please note that the Cycle Rescue cover, Claims Bike Hire, & Legal Expenses cover option only applies to the United Kingdom. Public Liability cover is excluded from North America.