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Find out how to make a claim

If the worst has happened and you've suffered damage to or theft of your bike, we know how distressing it can be. That's why we'll do everything possible to deal with your claim promptly and get you cycling again. Our easy-to-use claims process is listed below with some helpful information regarding what to do if you need to make a claim.

If you're making a claim

Here are a few bits of helpful advice to bear in mind before making a claim, and what to do once you've made a claim:

  • In the event of any theft or malicious damage, your first port of call should be the police. Failure to notify them of the incident could result in your claim being delayed or rejected.
  • Do not negotiate, pay or settle, admit or deny any claim without our, or your insurer's, written permission.
  • Please note that any repairs or replacement of items without prior authorisation from our claims team may prejudice your claim.
  • All claims will need to include documents to support the claim and/or circumstances. This can be sent by return of email or post.
  • All claims will be assessed within 5 working days of receipt, where hopefully a decision can be made at the time of the assessment. Should any further info be required then we will make you aware so this can be provided to assist with our assessment.

Get in touch

If you do need to make a claim, then you can speak to a member of our friendly, UK-based claims team. Our claims teams are available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. If you do need to make a claim, then call: 0333 004 1999. Claims can still be reported via your online portal 24/7, or you can contact the team at:

Cycle Rescue

If your policy start date is from the 1st March 2022 onwards:

To make a claim, we will need a valid receipt from a registered taxi company, as proof of expenditure. If you do need to make a claim, then call: 0333 004 1999. Claims can still be reported via your online portal 24/7, or you can contact the team at:

If your policy start date is before the 1st March 2022:

If you’ve broken down and find yourself in need of roadside assistance, please use the contact details below. Call Assist (the rescue providers) will ask for your personal or policy details. They will then despatch a rescue operator to your location and recover you and your bike to the nearest bicycle repair shop, railway station, car rental agency or your home or alternative overnight accommodation if either are nearer. You just need to make sure that you're on an accessible road, so that you and your bike can be picked up.

If you haven't got your policy details to hand, they can usually locate your cover details from your personal details, but if not, they will take a credit card number as a deposit and will refund you once your policy has been located. Call on: 01206 771 767 or email:

Your policy document explorer

For customers whose policy started before 1st January 2021, you can access your policy documents here.

Existing customers: If you have an existing policy before September 23rd 2019, then you can contact our team for information on your policy.

You can email us at: or call us on: 0333 004 3444

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