How to lock your bike

What’s the best way to lock your bike?

Crime statistics from between April 2017 and May 2018, showed that 27% of bike theft victims hadn’t considered locking their bike with a bike lock. It’s really important that you keep your bike as safe as possible when you’re out and about.

At cycleGuard, we’ve put together a handy guide on how best to lock your bike. Just follow the guide below!

Make sure that your bike is locked through the frame and securely attached to an immovable object as shown

How to lock your bike correctly

How to lock your bike correctly

How not to lock your bike

This is how not to lock your bike. As you can see, the lock is attached through the wheel to an immovable object. This makes it much easier for a thief to steal your bike and as a result, we would not be able to cover you for theft.

How not to lock your bike

Which bike lock should I use?

Our bike lock requirements depend on the value of your bike. Our simplified bike lock list (for policies incepted after 23rd September 2019) can be found here. You can use this as a guide to decide which bike lock is best for you and your bike.



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