What are the benefits of cycling for children?

Many of us will have plenty of happy memories of playing out on our bikes when we were younger. There’s a simple reason why we remember these so fondly – cycling is great! At cycleGuard, we think that it’s time for the younger generation to experience the joy of getting out on their bikes and there’s no better time to start than right now. Sustrans Bike to School Week started a brand-new term on September 25th and we’ve got some great reasons on why we should get the children cycling.

How can cycling benefit kids?

Cycling has a ton of health benefits, both physical and mental. If you ever want to get some exercise outside of P.E. lessons for you and your kids, then hopping on the bike is a great place to start! But what is it exactly that makes cycling so great?

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1) Cycling can improve concentration in children

Cycling isn’t just great for our hearts, but for our brains too. A Danish study found that kids who exercised more, including bike riding, were able to concentrate for greater periods when in the classroom. The study concluded that kids who cycled to school could be as much as half a school year ahead in terms of their capacity to concentrate on tasks.

2) Cycling can help children with respiratory problems

Regular bike riding is also great for getting some fresh air into our lungs. Getting outside in the open air is great for all of us, but especially for children with respiratory problems. It’s estimated that over a million children in the UK suffer from asthma and regular cycling is fantastic for strengthening little lungs.

3) Cycling is great exercise!

Of course, cycling is just brilliant exercise in general. For children, it’s a great way to introduce a healthy lifestyle as well as strengthening their balance and co-ordination. Getting kids out on the bike regularly can do wonders for their fitness, with even gentle rides being great cardio exercise.

Family riding their bikes in the woods

Getting out on the bikes can be quality family time, as well as being good for our health and the environment.

Why should parents encourage cycling?

So, why should parents want their kids to take up cycling? Well, apart from getting them out of the house, there are so many benefits to time in the saddle for little ones.

1) Improves their spatial awareness

Time on the bike helps improve the spatial awareness and balance in children. These are key motor skills that will be valuable in all walks of life, whether they’re competing in sports or exercising.

2) Provides quality family time

Cycling is also one of the best ways to create some lasting memories! There can be few better sights than to see your kids’ smiling faces while racing through the great outdoors. Whether you’re doing the school run or away for a family holiday, shared experiences on the bike can be wonderful family time.

3) Cuts down on time spent in the car

We’ve all been there. Either stuck in traffic or struggling to find somewhere to park near the school. Dropping the kids off in the car isn’t always fun, but taking the bike can be! More time in the saddle means less time stuck in traffic with the engine running and less time hunting round for a parking spot. With fewer cars on the roads, you can do your bit to cut down on air pollution by biking to school with the kids!

How can I get my kids into cycling?

It can be tricky to get the kids away from the many distractions of modern life and get into cycling. Remember that kids are full of imagination and can make games out of anything, so a simple ride around a nearby field can keep them occupied. Plan a few fun trips too to get treats or to go to the park just to get them in the saddle a bit more. Keep encouraging the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and your kids will be picking the bike over Fortnite in no time at all!




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