E-mountain bike v mountain bike - the pros and cons

What goes down must come back up, and the need for speed means you don't want to wait to hitch a lift, and now you don't have to. Electric bikes now mean you can be self sufficient to get the most of your time out on the downhill mountain bike trail. Get your battery powered, pro suspension frames protected with our serious cycle protection

Doesn't riding an E-bike defeat the purpose of life on two wheels?

It's a good point. An environmentally friendly transport method now tanked with environmentally unfriendly power, tearing up more of mother nature by wheels blasting through trails. However, this aside it brings more to the sport as it gives those less fit a chance to catch up.

What are the benefits to having an E-bike?

No one can deny that getting out in the fresh air is good for you and if you can ride a little longer on the hillier terrain riders will undoubtedly get fitter quicker with only a little assistance. This will also mean you can keep up with those friends or club members who might be a little better at riding up the slopes and you can hit the downhills harder, faster and more times in the same space of time.

How much does an E-mountain bike cost?

The bikes vary, so much depends on budget, but to charge it costs less than a pound that could give you over 100 miles of travel. It is important to consider battery size and charge time when purchasing an ebike. An affordable downhill ebike with a smaller battery might be perfect as you'll only need it to get back up if you don't want to use it on the way down.

Are E-mountain bikes expensive?

Not necessarily, but certainly they can cost more than a second-hand car. Some cycle shops offer you a 48 hour trial so you can test it for yourself for less than £100 before shelling out in the thousands.



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