Tour of Britain: Stage five preview!

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After a tricky day in the saddle during stage four, the sprinters get a welcome reprieve when it comes to stage four. The Tour of Britain returns to Nottinghamshire for the first time since 2018, when it hosted the very same start and finish points, but this time the race will follow and altogether different route, passing through Sherwood Forest and Clumber Park on the way to the finish in Mansfield. Interestingly enough, the race in 2018 was won by current TRINITY racing directeur sportif, Ian Stannard.

Sherwood Forest, where the riders will pass through on the way to the finish in stage five of the 2022 Tour of Britain

Sherwood Forest, where the riders will pass through on their way to the finish in stage five of the Tour of Britain 2022.

What is the route?

Tour of Britain stage five route map

Starting outside the famous Trent Bridge cricket ground, the peloton heads south out of the city and around the Bunny Old Wood nature reserve. From there, the riders hit a category three climb near Keyworth, before 20km of flat riding leads the peloton northwards. The riders then zip across the River Trent via the Gunthorpe Bridge before passing through Lowdham, Lambley and Wicketwood Hill on their way north towards Calverton. Halfway through stage four, the peloton hit the first sprint stage at Edingley before racing through Norwood Park and heading north-east towards the village of Caunton. From there, the race continues north before heading west and out towards Retford, the location for the second sprint stage.

Around 15km further west, the peloton then hit the second category three climb at Sparken Hill and descent into the final sprint stage through the picturesque Clumber Park. Form there, there’s certainly no shortage of jaw-dropping scenery as the pack race through Robin Hood country and take a sojourn through Sherwood Forest. The peloton then sprint to the finish in Mansfield from east to west, finishing on Chesterfield Road.

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